Youth Preventions Outreach


Urban Solutions, Inc. is will conduct a prevention program for young people. The goal of this program is to provide strategies to youth that will cause them to make healthy choices for themselves. Based on the fact that knowledge can change ones behavior, this program will provide information, education, skill development and attitude changes to help our young people avoid the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

Today more than ever, our youth are exposed to drugs, alcohol and tobacco and our encouraged to try these drugs. Many young people face these ills in their homes and need the skills to escape becoming a victim themselves. This environment causes other problems for our youth, school drop out, lack of employment skill, gangs, prison and other social ills that interfere with their maturity. The trend of illicit drug use among our youth is attached. The White Office of National control Policy reported that between 1988 and 1995 57.3 billion was spent on illegal drugs. Money coming from criminal elements.

Urban Solutions, Inc. has been licensed by the State of Michigan as a Prevention Agency. Professionals in the field will use the national curriculum, A Rainbow Connection, which has been approved by the Detroit Health and Wellness Department to conduct this prevention program. Four sessions will be held with 20 young people between the ages of 8 and 18. A pre and post test methodology will be use to determine the change in attitude and probability of the youth toward use of drugs tobacco and alcohol. We will teach our youth how to say no. The last session will be a reward field trip to be determined by the youth. Youth that complete the program will receive a certificate. The attached budget of $5000.00 outlines funds necessary to carry out this program. The program will be evaluated by the number of youth that complete the program and the percentage of change in knowledge and attitude about drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

This program is planned to take place in four sessions when funding is available.



Nancy Allen, President
A 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation
Prevention License from State of Michigan #822822

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