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Urban Solutions, Inc. presents in association with the Detroit Empowerment Zone and Silhouette Media the release of ?Seniors at Risk: Sex Drugs and HIV.? Seniors at Risk: Sex Drugs and HIV is a 28 minutes video that has been developed to educate African Americans adults 50 and older about the risk factors of contracting the HIV virus. Many people mistakenly believe that age is an immunity to HIV/AIDS. Seniors are being infected everyday, in fact according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. ?In the five years between 1991 and 1996, reported case of AIDS rose by 22% for adults aged 50 and older? The National Association on HIV Over Fifty adds ?HIV/AIDS educational campaigns and programs are not targeted to older individuals.?

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Each year high school graduates are selected that have proven themselves academically and have demonstrated a comment to the community. These scholarship funds are used for gap financing where a few dollars will make difference allowing a committed student to realize their career goal in life. We have found that only a $250.00 to $1500.00 can make the difference. While many financial resources for your youth have vanished, other committed community leaders have joined Urban Solutions, Inc. In addition to the Pressley Green Scholarship given since 1982, the Herman B. Howard family and Sommer Schwartz Silver and Schwartz have joined our effort. These young people will be prepared to pass on these lessons to our nest generation.

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Community Based Organizations often have limited funds. Urban Solutions, Inc. provides technical assistance which will provide the capabilities for neighborhoods to organize and effectively use these funds with accountability.

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Urban Solutions, Inc. is part of the community collaborative for:

Three on Three Basketball:

While basketball is the catalysis for this program, leadership and responsibility are the goals. Urban youth and limited adult help volunteer to organize this program for about 300 youth between the ages of 8 and 17 each year. This means creating applications, getting parent approval, organizing and implementing court play, providing refreshments and off court activities. Youth are involved from different economic, ethnic, and communities.

College Tours:

Many youth have never been out of their neighborhoods and have a fear of leaving home even after receiving the means to go college. This program is designed to build maturity and self esteem. About 90 students went on tour last year.

Black Historic Sites Tour:

This is a new program aimed at history and growth for our youth. To be strong you must be proud of who you are in this world. Our city has a rich history that must be shared with our youth.

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