Urban Solutions - Stay at Home Tea.

Urban Solutions, Inc. has been making college dreams come true since 1982 when we gave David Branch our first Urban Solutions Scholarship. Born out of the tragedy of Pressley Green’s murder, we established USI to help solve tomorrow’s problems today. Instead of flowers, we started a scholarship and this annual Stay At Home Tea has been our mainstay to raise funds every year since. How befitting that in this day when it is safer to stay at home, we can again make a miracle out of these challenging times for students and parents. Please enjoy a cup of tea on us as you make a generous donation to USI to support our students who will indeed solve tomorrow’s problems today. Thank you and stay safe. 

1. Join our annual “Stay At Home Tea“. Enjoy a cup of tea in your favorite cup and send a donation to Urban Solutions, Inc. 269 Walker St, #124, Detroit, MI 48207

2. Support our online scholarship fundraiser by clicking on the card to the right.

3. Volunteer to work with: (See program page)• Scholarship program• Inner City Youth programs.• Community-based organizations.

4. Give technical assistance and resources. Contact: Alex J. Allen

Please send a tax-deductible donation of any amount to:

Checks and Money Orders

269 Walker St, #124
Detroit, MI 48207