Our 2019 Sponsors

Pressley and Hattie Green Scholarship

Our first scholarship began in 1982 and continued every year to present. Mr. Green was a businessman that nurtured many young people in the community and believed that hard work should be rewarded. He personally financed college for some of the youth that he nurtured.

Herman B. Howard Scholarship

Mr. Howard spent some important time with the youth in the community. He was an electrician and he taught his trade to the young people in our community.

Sommers Schwartz P.C. Scholarship

Sommers Schwartz P.C., a leading law firm that represents injured persons and their families, sees unanswered needs in our urban community and has stepped forward for many years to help fill the void.

Bennie Grier, Esq. Scholarship

Mrs. Grier knows the personal efforts necessary for young people to succeed. Many of them don’t realize the importance of an education until the last minute. They may not show an interest until their senior year. Mrs. Grier would like for us to consider one of these students for a scholarship.

Judge Alex J. Allen, Jr. Scholarship

Judge Allen was a mentor, a supporter, and a coach to many young people. He knew first hand from his view on the bench the importance of a college education. He was committed to helping our youth become productive tax payers and his wife carries on this effort.

Joel and Delta Gibson Scholarship

Joel and Delta found out about our scholarship from one of our board members and immediately said, “count us in, yes we want to help make a difference and education is key to this effort.”

The Technician Award (CT)

A group of proud graduates of Cass Tech H.S. is honored to contribute to the continued success of deserving Detroit students.
The 2017 honoree is Edgar l. Perkins, a Cass Tech grad. Mr. Perkins was an engineer and two of his inventions received patents.

Nadine and Floyd Polk

Education was so important to both of my parents and I want to give in honor of them and our support to the community said Norie Knight-McKinney.

Vincent and Betty Little Book Award

As owners of the UPS store in downtown Detroit, they are always helping young people. The job training opportunities they provide in their store, the young men that they mentor, and the joining of this effort. With their family and friends, they provide many awards.

Detroit Area Agency on Aging Scholarship

Today, grandparents are raising many outstanding students.  In support of our grandparenting program, we have established a scholarship dedicated to these grandparents and their grandchildren headed off to college.

Communities in Schools of Metropolitan Detroit –  Sonja Allen, CEO

Many children face challenges both inside and outside the classroom. CIS surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Thank you for being a sponsor.

The Tommy Diggs Family

Tommy Diggs, a long time super principal in the Detroit Public Schools, known to sometimes be the only male figure in a young man’s life and the guidance to help make this youth into a man. Education always key.

Reasonover Best Scholarship

The Reasonover- Best family values integrity, hard work, and perseverance. They are proud to award this scholarship to a recent graduate who will take these values with them on their educational journey.

Alvin Robinson Educational Legacy Gift

Alvin Robinson, born in the 1900s was a voracious reader. He took great pleasure in the educational achievements of his family and saved money in trust for his offspring to further their educational endeavors.  Today his family provides this legacy gift in his honor for deserving hard working students on their way to college.

The Hull Award

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Hull are a young couple dedicated to helping our young people in any way they can. They learned of our scholarship program through Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Little and immediately came on board.

Debra D. Cromer College Awards

Debra Cromer had been searching for several years for a way to help students already attending college fill that gap in school financing for books and fees.  She found Urban Solutions, Inc. to be the perfect fit for her to award hard working college students.

Henry Ford Health Systems

Henry Ford Health Systems joined because this is a corporate community leader with an eye on the medical field.

Rev. James Michael Curenton

Rev. James Michael Curenton thanks for joining us in this effort.

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