What is Urban Solutions?

Urban Solutions , Inc. is a non-profit corporation devoted to solving tomorrow’s problems today. Every year since 1982 scholarships have been given to young people entering college. Often, $250.00 to $1000.00 is all it takes to make it possible for a student to reach their career goal and become a productive member of the community. We fill this gap.

Additionally, Urban Solutions, Inc. collaborates with committed community groups, agencies, religious organizations and individuals to provide programs for inner city youth which help over a 1000 youth each year. We also assist community based organizations, enabling them secure resources to help strengthen their programs and activities. As you know, when we, the community, all work together, we can eliminate crime, improve the health status of our citizens, educate our children and improve our economic base. These are the goals of Urban Solutions, Inc. 


Each year students that have proven themselves academically and have demonstrated a commitment to the community, are awarded scholarships.

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Seniors at Risk: Sex, Drugs and HIV is a 28 minutes video that has been developed to educate African American adults 50 and older about the risk factors of contracting the HIV virus.

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To make the kind of positive change that Detroiters deserve, we need the support of our community. You can do you part by making tax deductible contribution.

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2017 has proven to be one of the most successful scholarship seasons in our 30+ year history. This year we awarded 30 scholarships and book awards to an amazing group of students. On June 17th we celebrated the 2017 awardees with a luncheon at the Detroit Athletic...


The motto for Urban Solutions, Inc. is, “Solving Tomorrow’s Problems Today” and the outstanding students receiving the 2016 scholarships and book awards will fulfill this goal.  Awards were given at the Detroit Athletic Club on June 24th and the guest speaker,...

2015 Urban Solutions Scholarship Awards Reception

This past June, as part of a 30 year tradition, we met up a the Detroit Athletic Club to deliver the 2015 Urban Solutions Scholarship awards.  This year, Detroit high school students submitted close to 100 applications.  The applicant pool...

Pressley Green Scholarship Fundraising Campaign Launched

Each year the Pressley Green Scholarship helps young people get closer to their dream of higher education. With your help, we can continue to making a difference. Pressley Green Scholarship The Pressley Green Scholarship was established in 1982 in honor of Pressley...

Urban Solutions, Inc. 2013 Scholarships Awards

Urban Solutions, Inc., a local 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation presented $10,500.00 in scholarships and book awards to high school graduating seniors living in Detroit, on their way to college this fall, at a luncheon at the Detroit Athletic Club. This year marks...

2012 Scholarships Awarded

2012 marks the 30th year that Urban Solutions inc. as awarded scholarships to college bounds young Detroiters. On June 13th, at the Detroit Rotary Club, 12 scholarships were awarded to Mark McGinnis, Lawrielle West, Paige Bennet, Deja Anderson, Devin Robinson, Alexis...